Ministry of Finance is preparing a new blow to business
The Russian Ministry of Finance proposes to prescribe in the Tax Code the maximum allowable interest rates on corporate loans. Thus, the ministry expects to simplify tax accounting and avoid…

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Business in Sweden and Stockholm - Business Ideas
The Scandinavian countries are today considered one of the most promising in terms of business. This is where the most incredible startups can be brought to life. After the perestroika,…

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Three reasons for the outflow of capital abroad
Over the past month, investment funds focused on Russia withdrew about $ 150 million from the country. It is noted that the outflow for the last week of October amounted…

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darker than necessary

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Investments “from God” are the most sustainable

Investments “from God” are the most sustainable
You can work in the financial market with “God’s grace.” Religious denominations offer adherents investments that are guaranteed to please God and allow hierarchs to maintain godliness in the eyes of the nourished flock. Religious organizations have long ceased to exist through donations and have become diversified corporations.

Today, all large and even small churches control their own investment funds. They invest funds received from believers in securities and conduct other commercial activities. According to Newsweek magazine, one of the most famous Protestant sects, the Mormons (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), only officially owns a financial company with assets of $ 3 billion, and its general condition was estimated by the magazine in June 2011 at $ 30 billion.

At the same time, Mormons belong to the category of the most financially stable sects, in general, Protestant churches are objectively forced to turn into openly financial and service corporations, since the number of parishioners is sharply reduced. Continue reading

Where in the world is it easier and cheaper to do business?

The world is changing rapidly. The political and economic situation of states is changing. Countries previously profitable for investment are now experiencing stagnation. And money loves silence and understandable game conditions. Therefore, recently, global investors have shown increased interest in emerging markets. Are these countries ready for an influx of investors?

Previously, investments in BRIC countries seemed very risky, but in times of crisis, global investors consider them increasingly profitable. KPMG recently published a study that compares the costs of doing business in developed and developing countries. A study on business opportunities was conducted in 14 countries and more than 110 cities. The KPMG study provides an analysis of business conditions in different countries in the following sectors of the economy: industry, R&D, digital technology, etc.

The study examined a number of factors that influence the assessment of the attractiveness of different places for doing business. The main focus was on the costs of doing business, but factors such as the demographic situation and the population, skilled labor and education, innovation, infrastructure, the legal framework, economic conditions, cost and quality of life were also evaluated. Continue reading

Is Romney’s son betraying his father for an investment?

The son of US presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited Moscow this week, writes The New York Times. One of the candidate’s five sons, Matthew Romney, allegedly was looking for Russian investors for his Excel Trust company, which owns shopping centers in the United States, and convinced that President Romney was not as tough on Russia as he said.

American media continues to entertain the world with the staging of “US presidential election.” According to The New York Times, in Moscow, the son of a presidential candidate probed the situation in the Russian capital and assured “people close to Putin who can retell their conversation to the president,” that his father, despite tough rhetoric in his election campaign, wants a good relationship with By Russia.

The publication reports that Matthew Romney is looking for investors in Russia for his trust, which allocates 90% of taxable income to dividends.

“There are great opportunities around the world: people are looking for where to invest their money,” says Greg Davis, vice president of Excel Trust. “Now all trips are of an overview nature, we are looking to see if the market exists, is it configured to invest in Excel.” Continue reading

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Inglourious end of litigation with Tinkoff Bank
A high-profile litigation between a simple client of a bank from Voronezh Dmitry Agarkov and Tinkoff Credit Systems (TCS) ended in a ceasefire. Dmitry Agarkov, who talentedly “unwound” the bank…


E-DINAR - anyone can earn
More recently, the payment system E-DINAR appeared on the market. Originally from a booming Asia, this electronic system has already proven to be very attractive and promising. She has the…


DIA strips customers of troubled banks
The Deposit Insurance Agency has launched a large-scale campaign to seize money from the population. Subpoenas have already been received by clients who withdrew money from their accounts shortly before…


Eurozone has found a way out for Cyprus
The economic situation in Cyprus improved after the Eurogroup decided to provide Nicosia with financial assistance in the amount of ten billion euros. According to experts, the acute phase of…