Italy suspects Apple of tax evasion
The leadership of the Italian representative of Apple is forced to explain about the possible tax evasion in the country. The prosecutor's office of Milan has already opened an investigation…

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Find an Idea: Get Money from Water
In English, there is the concept of serendipity. In literal translation, it means intuitive insight. But in business, such a resounding word is used when it comes to a discovery…

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Investments "from God" are the most sustainable
Investments "from God" are the most sustainable You can work in the financial market with "God's grace." Religious denominations offer adherents investments that are guaranteed to please God and allow…

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long-term deposit

Forex Club: optimism leaves the markets

The US dollar has been trading in different directions over the past week due to the lack of significant macroeconomic events and statistical reports. The euro felt more confident in the week than other currencies, which behaved much more modestly. But market optimism is gradually beginning to fade.

The results of the week disappointed investors – none of the events that had high hopes justified itself. The ECB has completely denied rumors about limiting the growth of peripheral bond yields, and officials could not give clear comments on the future fate of Greece. EUR / USD completed trading at 1.2512, while GBP / USD – at 1.5802.

As for the dollar, in the absence of important events and in anticipation of the publication of the minutes of the last meeting of the US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), it gradually increased from Monday to Wednesday. According to the Forex Club, “market participants, impressed by recent macroeconomic statistics, have expected committee members to be more optimistic about their immediate prospects for economic growth than a month earlier. However, the” minutes “turned out to be quite negative. “which gave reason to believe that QE3 is just around the corner. Accordingly, the dollar fell under pressure, and the USDX index dipped 1.8% from weekly highs.” Continue reading

Banks slip on their own cards

From January 1, the Federal Law “On the National Payment System” will enter into force. The document has claims from the banking community. The project involves obliging banks to return to the client funds withdrawn from a bank card without notice. Bankers predict an increase in fraud, experts expect a rise in the use of non-cash.

The bill “On the national payment system” was developed by the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Russia in September 2009. The national payment system should become a competitor to the international payment systems Visa and MasterCard in Russia. It has been suggested that the national system could be created on the basis of the URPS, the United Russian Payment System, launched in 2005 by the Central Bank. However, it, like other Russian systems, still occupies too small market shares. In addition, during the readings from the bill, a fundamental point disappeared, obliging the largest operators of the Banking system of the payment system to create processing centers in Russia.

From January next year, the norms of the law “On the National Payment System” should also come into force, according to which banks will be required to return all funds on all disputed transactions to their customers’ cards within 24 hours. Continue reading

10 options to invest in

1. Investing in yourself
By investing in yourself and your knowledge, you increase your value in the market. However, there is one trick. By gaining only knowledge and not putting it into practice, you significantly reduce your potential value.

Those who receive knowledge and bring it to life achieve maximum efficiency. Invest in the knowledge that you need at the current time to achieve goals.

2. Bank deposits
Bank deposits are the most conservative instrument, it is the most stable and guaranteed, in addition, deposits of up to 700 thousand rubles. insured by the state (we are talking about Russia).

Bank deposits train the habit of regularly saving money, which is so useful for a novice investor. In addition, it is psychologically easier to start investing here, as the investor knows in advance all the conditions and what kind of profit he will receive as a result, without being afraid of losing anything. Continue reading

Private sector hides money offshore
From 21 to 32 trillion dollars are hiding from taxation in various regions of the world and bank accounts. In total, about 10 million people use offshore accounts to hide…


Trust relationships, their goals and key benefits. Why trust is the best solution for KIK
Entrepreneurs conducting activities not only in the national but also in the global business field have been forced in the past few years to adapt to the requirements of the…


Ministry of Finance is preparing a new blow to business
The Russian Ministry of Finance proposes to prescribe in the Tax Code the maximum allowable interest rates on corporate loans. Thus, the ministry expects to simplify tax accounting and avoid…


Cash makes us even poorer
Do you want, as the grandfather of the heroine of one joke, "so that there are no poor"? Take away their money. In particular, cash - coins and pieces of…