How Mayans and Cherokee helped insurers
Insurance at first glance seems to be a serious form of economic relations, designed to protect people, their property and affairs from all sorts of dangers. However, if you dig…

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Megafon has collected suitcases on the stock exchange
Megafon has collected suitcases on the stock exchange MegaFon, one of the largest mobile operators in Russia, is getting ready for an IPO on November 1. The company plans to…

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"Banks of time" crowd out money
"Banks of time" crowd out money While economists around the world are wondering if the second wave of the crisis will cover us, the townsfolk are coming up with their…

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money that went

It’s time to hold the horses on the lending market

The Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation consider it necessary to contain the rapid growth of consumer lending. The financial department, according to Deputy Minister Alexei Moiseev, supports the regulator’s proposals to tighten requirements for banks. Earlier in September, the Central Bank raised the interest rate from 8 to 8.25%, and a new increase may occur in November.

In turn, the Ministry of Economic Development believes that the increase in interest rates and the tightening the provision of funds to the economy by the monetary policy of the Central Bank significantly inhibits growth.

Since the beginning of the year, the portfolio of retail loans in the whole banking system in Russia has grown by 29.3%. At the same time, the annual growth rate was already 40%. And the volume of corporate loans increased by only 10.1%.

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Eurozone has found a way out for Cyprus

The economic situation in Cyprus improved after the Eurogroup decided to provide Nicosia with financial assistance in the amount of ten billion euros. According to experts, the acute phase of the crisis in Cyprus has already been overcome.

As a result of lengthy negotiations, it was decided that deposits of more than 100 thousand euros covered by insurance in the EU will be fully retained, and for large – above 100 thousand euros – the tax will be 40%. Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiadis noted that he was satisfied with the agreement.

Now the Cypriot authorities are trying by all means to prevent the outflow of funds of investors. They will be allowed to withdraw no more than 300 euros per day to prevent the outflow of liquidity. At the same time, a number of prohibitive measures are being introduced, including the abolition of cashing checks and restrictions on the export of currency outside the country.

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Twenty Seven Rules of Finance Today

1. Spend less than you get

If there is a key fundamental rule of financial management, then this is it: your expenses should be less than income. You MUST follow this rule, otherwise your whole future life is called into question. Get into debt and live on credit, because “everything will be fine”? So say the people who give you loans, and they really will be fine. And you? You have accumulated debts without making savings. To find financial prosperity with such an approach to life will help only a miracle. Do you believe in miracles?

2. Simplify your financial life

The more loans and credit cards, the greater the chance not to notice the loss of funds or to miss the next payment. The more deposits and accounts, the more difficult it is to keep track of them and the easier it is to not have time to react to emerging problems. The more complicated your financial life, the more time and energy it takes. Along with this, there is a growing chance to get confused and make a financial mistake. Continue reading

Collectors ran into the law
The bill on collection in Russia is subject to change. This initiative was made by the Prosecutor General, who has to process a shaft of complaints from citizens about illegal…


Economist: The fact that our companies turn to foreign investors is normal and this is a trend
Agroholding Kuban, which is part of Oleg Deripaska's Basic Element, began negotiations with Chinese and Arab investors and funds in connection with the loss of Western investment. He will be…


LIBOR: time to change bets
The key LIBOR rate for credit markets is going to be modernized. City of London, New York Wall Street and regulators on both sides of the Atlantic are seeking a…


Italy suspects Apple of tax evasion
The leadership of the Italian representative of Apple is forced to explain about the possible tax evasion in the country. The prosecutor's office of Milan has already opened an investigation…