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The country's infrastructure is thirsty for investment
As part of the third day of Mosinterfin-2012, work began with a plenary strategic session "Attracting Investments in Infrastructure Projects in Russia: Actual Problems, Models of Solution". At the same…

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Business in Sweden and Stockholm - Business Ideas
The Scandinavian countries are today considered one of the most promising in terms of business. This is where the most incredible startups can be brought to life. After the perestroika,…

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Gold remains a reliable asset
The market of precious metals after the New Year surprises with its diversity. The search for fallback options for traders and investors leads to a natural increase in gold and…

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Twenty Seven Rules of Finance Today

1. Spend less than you get

If there is a key fundamental rule of financial management, then this is it: your expenses should be less than income. You MUST follow this rule, otherwise your whole future life is called into question. Get into debt and live on credit, because “everything will be fine”? So say the people who give you loans, and they really will be fine. And you? You have accumulated debts without making savings. To find financial prosperity with such an approach to life will help only a miracle. Do you believe in miracles?

2. Simplify your financial life

The more loans and credit cards, the greater the chance not to notice the loss of funds or to miss the next payment. The more deposits and accounts, the more difficult it is to keep track of them and the easier it is to not have time to react to emerging problems. The more complicated your financial life, the more time and energy it takes. Along with this, there is a growing chance to get confused and make a financial mistake. Continue reading

Bookkeeping for beginners

What are the principles of the organization’s accounting? How to properly build her work? Probably, any aspiring businessman who decided to open his own company, but who did not have a special accounting education, would ask himself such questions. There are more than enough theories on this subject: the number of legislative acts relating to this or that extent of this issue can confuse even the most advanced financial specialist. Let’s try to understand the basic concepts that a newly registered company is faced with in practice.


Organization of accounting is the task of the leader. He must determine which of the employees will perform the functions of chief accountant. It may be the CEO himself. In the absence of a suitable employee, it is possible to conclude a contract for accounting and reporting with a company specializing in this matter. Continue reading

Trust relationships, their goals and key benefits. Why trust is the best solution for KIK

Entrepreneurs conducting activities not only in the national but also in the global business field have been forced in the past few years to adapt to the requirements of the updated legislation of the Russian Federation. First of all, we are talking about standards stipulating the work of controlled foreign companies. The adopted law expanded the range of tax residents of the Russian Federation and obliged all firms managed by Russians to pay taxes to the state budget. In this regard, the question arose of finding alternative tools for financial optimization and asset protection.

Entrepreneurs are forced to notify the tax authorities of the Russian Federation about their participation in companies established abroad. Sanctions for neglecting the requirements of the Law – 50 thousand rubles for each of the external companies (according to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, article 129.6). However, if a Russian resident participates in a structure that does not form a legal entity, he may not submit information to the tax authorities about this. To take advantage of the disclaimer of norms, the following condition must be observed: participants must not belong to the founders and / or persons who control the structure and distribution of its profit. Continue reading

DIA strips customers of troubled banks

The Deposit Insurance Agency has launched a large-scale campaign to seize money from the population. Subpoenas have already been received by clients who withdrew money from their accounts shortly before the revocation of the license from the bank.

They accuse everyone of the same thing – prove that you have not used the preemptive right to receive money. Simply put, you, when withdrawing your money, did not know that the bank had problems. In principle, such actions by the DIA are contrary to its main function – guaranteeing the return of deposits to the population.

Note that the first trials of individuals and legal entities have already passed, moreover, with disappointing results for investors. Customers are losing out on a massive scale; case review is like a conveyor belt. Continue reading

How to make money

These rules, known as Casson’s “12 Rules for Success,” help people who earn capital not lose it.

1. You need to invest only in what you understand.

Do not experience any illusions that any business in which you invested money will bring profit.

2. You can not invest money under pressure.

You were persuaded, you were deceived, they pressed you. No, it’s you who allowed yourself to be persuaded, deceived, pressed. Although it was immediately clear that if you are pressed and you are inwardly resisting, then it is not your interests that are upheld. In the world there are a lot of scammers who use this method. Continue reading

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Credit treat for scams
Lending to individuals is growing faster than the corporate borrowing market. In April, the volume of money issued to Russians for personal needs increased by 3.8 percent compared to 2.4…


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Investments "from God" are the most sustainable
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