LIBOR: time to change bets
The key LIBOR rate for credit markets is going to be modernized. City of London, New York Wall Street and regulators on both sides of the Atlantic are seeking a…

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Currency forecast: the dollar strengthens its position
Currency forecast: the dollar strengthens its position The dollar spent the whole week to strengthen its position and succeeded in this. The euro cannot boast of such achievements against the…

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Three reasons for the outflow of capital abroad
Over the past month, investment funds focused on Russia withdrew about $ 150 million from the country. It is noted that the outflow for the last week of October amounted…

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Ten Great Ways to Save

We are all in search of how to save money, but we often do not pay attention to the facts of how we thoughtlessly “lower” the tidy sums of money daily. Here are 10 ways to prevent your money from slipping away from you:

1. Determine what you really need to do in your home

Living in their own apartment or house, we often do not leave the feeling that something else needs to be repaired, bought, completed, and there is no end to it. Repair can be done indefinitely – spend uncontrolled amounts of money, while also getting a headache from unnecessary or inappropriate purchases. And as a result, the cranes that needed to be repaired in the first place remain leaking. Take time to sit down and calmly identify the three necessary improvements or purchases at your home. If you didn’t have a flood the other day, such an amount will be enough. Repeat this task in a month. The result in the form of cost savings and the establishment of everyday life will not take long.

2. Use the full “potential” of your bank cards

More and more purchases and services we pay by credit card, starting from refueling the car and ending with hair cutting. So why not use the special programs that banks offer when opening an account? Earning points for paying for plane tickets, goods in a store or at the same gas station is far from all that a bank cooperating on a loyalty program with other companies can offer. If your current bank card does not provide such services, nothing prevents you from learning more about what bonus programs exist in other banks and will join a convenient one for you.

3. Participate in promotions and sales, enjoy discounts

No one says that you need to turn into a boring person, looking for discounts and promotions on the Internet or in leaflets. To set an alarm at 6 in the morning, the time for the start of the next sale is extremes that in any case only harm. The goal is to save money at the opportunity, and not to devote life to calculating where and how to do it. Each self-respecting company regularly holds promotions, arranges sales, makes discounts to regular customers. And not to take advantage of this is simply a sin. And when you see a proposal to reduce the cost of goods when buying two identical models – why not offer to participate a friend, colleague or relative.

4. Be careful when buying products. Of course, it is difficult to calculate when buying products for the next week how much you will need. But when the food spoils and goes to the bin – it means only that you throw your money there. Planning a list of dishes for the next week will save not only products, but also your cash. And as a bonus – it systematizes the nutrition process itself. If during the purchase you will specify how much this or that product is stored, you can safely add one more item to the list of saved money.

5. Check your data plan on the phone

Most people using a mobile phone and connecting a hundred years ago to some kind of tariff plan have already forgotten how much and for what they pay. Check your tariff and you will be “pleasantly” surprised. Meanwhile, your mobile operator probably offers more convenient rates with unlimited Internet and SMS services. Do not forget to turn off roaming upon arrival home, and on long trains it is better to use a local SIM card: its cost is a penny, and the tariffs are much more profitable. If you download paid applications, there are many analogues of free ones.

6. Use the services of online stores

The internet is an amazing thing. You no longer need to drag along to the other end of the city for the necessary thing, having learned on the spot that it is not available. On the Internet you can find literally everything, and at a cost much lower than in a regular store. In order not to get into a mess, you can “feel” the goods in a regular store, and then, without rushing, calmly browse through offers and find the best price on the Internet with a cup of tea. Many online stores offer pick-up service – as one of the ways to save on delivery.

7. Request a discount

No one likes bargaining and asking for a discount. However, with a skillful approach and some skills, this process can be turned into a pleasure, and, besides, it can significantly save money. You will be pleasantly surprised how many sellers will make concessions to you. Especially if you are buying several products or buying expensive. Everyone wants to have a regular customer. The rule of good sales states that a regular customer brings more income, and most importantly a regular one.

8. Do not get carried away with technical innovations.

It is amazing how many companies engaged in sales in the field of modern technology try to squeeze as many of us as possible. “Oh no, this model has been around for six months. Look at this latest model, with increased speed ”Or“ Thanks to this improved cable, the image will be brighter and a half times. ”

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Currency forecast: the dollar strengthens its position The dollar spent the whole week to strengthen its position and succeeded in this. The euro cannot boast of such achievements against the…