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Business in Sweden and Stockholm – Business Ideas

The Scandinavian countries are today considered one of the most promising in terms of business. This is where the most incredible startups can be brought to life. After the perestroika, many Russians also decided to open their own business there. 25 years of experience have shown that there are some nuances (however, as always) that either complicate or simplify the work in this country for different people. So, what can please or upset a small business startup in Sweden?

Business in Stockholm – common features In Sweden, small business and the startup movement as a whole is very large-scale. But in recent years, due to the ongoing financial crisis, its activities are gradually declining. This is evidenced by the famous Swedish businessman Gustav Henman.

Today, there is a serious decline in the ability to find good sponsors and large investors, and the pace of market development is gradually slowing down. However, at the same time, in Stockholm, every newcomer at the first stage of launching his startup can receive grants or subsidies, including from the state. Their size is 20,000 € and is quite capable of solving a lot of problems, from renting to attracting staff.

But in order to get it and open a business in Sweden, you need to prove your case, the future prospects of the business, etc. Documents Organization of business in Sweden requires careful preparation, including documentary. To work in Sweden and even more so – in Stockholm – a visa is required. It also requires all the necessary documents for registering a business, which can be found in more detail at the Russian Embassy in Stockholm. Most often these are business licenses.

What business should be opened in Sweden? A well-known trend that is supported in Sweden is the creation of mobile applications. Today in Sweden, specialists are in demand who are able to develop mobile versions of various projects for constantly emerging new portable devices.

Opening a design agency is a good idea for Sweden When starting a business in Stockholm, you should be aware that creative projects related to architecture, design, and applied art are in demand here. A good idea is to open a design office or a small design agency. If you evaluate the profitability and liquidity of a business from such a point of view as selling a business in Sweden, then you need to focus on startups with technical or design topics. Then everything will turn out!

The most promising projects

Small business in Sweden has some of the most popular segments: * IT-technologies, including programming, data protection, development of computer games and applications, design services in 3D-graphics; * transportation between cities and countries;

* commercial trade;

* rental of various real estate for rent.

Pitfalls of business in Sweden

However, in this ultra-civilized and legal country there are pitfalls. Every aspiring entrepreneur, especially a foreigner, sooner or later comes across them. Starting a business in Sweden can, of course, only after registration. When creating your own business in Sweden, there are certain restrictions for foreign citizens. Entrepreneurs from other countries in Sweden can register only two forms of the company – a limited liability company or Privat Aktiebolag and an open joint stock company – Publikt Aktiebolag. There is also a very high taxation, which is mandatory for entrepreneurs, and selling a business in Sweden is carried out through a series of long procedures.

How to open a business in Stockholm

In the capital, competition between firms is very high. Nevertheless, you can try your luck by creating your own outlet, creating a small cafe with an interesting concept, or organizing a company to organize the so-called “restaurant day” for your many customers. The main thing is to register the necessary documents in time. Stockholm – a paradise for the tourism business

Company registration Current Swedish legislation for foreigners provides for registration of only two types of legal action: a limited liability company, which is abbreviated as “LLC” or “privat Aktiebolag”, as well as an open joint stock company “OJSC” or “publikt Aktiebolag”. To register a new company, its founder will need to submit several different to the commercial register.

So, in order to open a business in Sweden, you will need: a company charter, a registration application or Registreringsanmalan, a company incorporation document or Stiftelseurkund, a confirmation of the authorized capital deposit or Bankintyg, a protocol reflecting the distribution of shares between the founders and confirming the capital deposit. It is also called Protokoll fran konstituerande bolagsstamma. The registration of a new company takes place within two hours, and the final verification of documents within two weeks.

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