Italy suspects Apple of tax evasion
The leadership of the Italian representative of Apple is forced to explain about the possible tax evasion in the country. The prosecutor's office of Milan has already opened an investigation…

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DIA strips customers of troubled banks
The Deposit Insurance Agency has launched a large-scale campaign to seize money from the population. Subpoenas have already been received by clients who withdrew money from their accounts shortly before…

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Italy suspects Apple of tax evasion
The leadership of the Italian representative of Apple is forced to explain about the possible tax evasion in the country. The prosecutor's office of Milan has already opened an investigation…

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100 facts about life and business from a venture investor

Alexander Zhurba, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Genezis Capital Fund, formulated 100 facts that he learned by the age of 27 about life and business. Recommended reading, it’s worth it.

1. Life and business consist of a large number of boring, boring and banal things, having done that, you suddenly get the very thing that you are not ashamed to give an interview about.

2. People are different, but basically want the same thing. Old Man Maslow was right.

3. Real values ​​are much harder to create than their appearance. For the second, you need only a good PR man and a lot of imagination. The first is usually more complicated – there are numbers.

4. People are lazy. They do not want to think, test and prepare. To finish, lose because of this a lot of things and do it right is more usual than doing it right from the very beginning.

5. 99% of people are not capable of anything. Of the remaining percentage, 99% of people are not engaged in what is interesting to you. With the remaining, you can do a great job with the coincidence of many random factors.

6. The best way to take control of your life is to ask yourself constantly the question “Why do I need this?”. At first it is very painful and scary, and then comes order and clarity.

7. Happiness is not joy. Happiness is the absence of unhappiness.

8. No one cares. No one cares what you look like, what you do, and generally your life is global. The best way to make sure of this is to go out in socks and sandals. The world will continue to live as it lived, but they will forget about you instantly.

9. Having accepted and reconciled to death, all other problems seem absolutely insignificant. Knowing and understanding the darkest sides of society is much easier to appreciate what you have. Old Jobs was right.

10. You can live by controlling emotions and trying to make decisions wisely. There is nothing inhuman in this.

11. All specialists are highly educated experts in “Ohm’s law for a section of the circuit at half past eight in the Ivanovs’ house.” In Petrov’s house, in the morning, everything is different. Nobody sees the whole chain.

12. Entrepreneurship risks are overvalued. The biggest risk is to realize at 60 that the rest of your life will have to live on retirement. Which is not.

13. Everything is changing. Everything is always changing. The biggest stupidity is to try to stop the changes, and not to adapt to them. The greatest value in any person is the ability to change.

14. The best way to learn is to be a professional assistant. Slightly worse is to try it yourself without the supervision of a knowledgeable person. The theory is useful only as a hypothesis that needs to be tested in practice.

15. Knowledge of few principles eliminates the need to know many facts.

16. There is no truth. It all depends on whether you buy or sell.

17. Power is not given, it is taken.

18. Experience is more important than connections. Communication is more important than money.

19. All the problems and opportunities of people are only in their consciousness.

20. People

change only if external conditions require it. The stronger the need to change, the more powerful and insurmountable the conditions should be. The best way to change is to put yourself in an environment where it is impossible not to.

21. The best way to spend your life is to set yourself a big almost unattainable goal and go to it all your life. And everything else will follow by itself.

22. Sex, obscene language, shorts or lack of a diploma do not interfere with doing a great job.

23. There is a hard way and a wrong way in life.

24. Long-term success is not quick. Either so, or so, but not together. Business is a marathon.

25. Instincts cannot be ignored; strength must be drawn from them.

26. It is better to do and regret than not to do and regret.

27. You need so much money not to think about them.

28. Phone, clothes and a car do not say anything about a person’s wealth – in reality, only an account statement and a balance sheet can say this. Zero is better than debt.

29. It is impossible to predict how a person will behave in an extreme situation. The distance from the apparent well-being of everyday life to extreme sports is very small. The only thing that bothers people in extreme situations is personal survival and well-being.

30. A negative image is better than obscurity.

31. The difference between senseless obstinacy and prophetic obstinacy is only in the presence of a result in the second case. But usually people just give up without even starting.

32. Five to six 50-year-old men in suits and glasses stand behind any fantastic success of 25-year-old Zuckerbergs.

33. Words mean almost nothing. Only matters are important.

34. The best way to save money when buying goods is not to buy goods at all. The real need of people for things and services is greatly overrated.

35. Experience is measured not in years, but in events.

36. The best way to make many good connections is to be useful.

37. If you need a vacation from work, then this is not the job that you really want to do.

38. If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are not in the room where you should be.

39. In the long run, being honest is beneficial. It is necessary to protect honor from a young age.

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