Forex Club: optimism leaves the markets
The US dollar has been trading in different directions over the past week due to the lack of significant macroeconomic events and statistical reports. The euro felt more confident in…

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Collectors ran into the law
The bill on collection in Russia is subject to change. This initiative was made by the Prosecutor General, who has to process a shaft of complaints from citizens about illegal…

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Italy suspects Apple of tax evasion
The leadership of the Italian representative of Apple is forced to explain about the possible tax evasion in the country. The prosecutor's office of Milan has already opened an investigation…

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10 options to invest in

1. Investing in yourself
By investing in yourself and your knowledge, you increase your value in the market. However, there is one trick. By gaining only knowledge and not putting it into practice, you significantly reduce your potential value.

Those who receive knowledge and bring it to life achieve maximum efficiency. Invest in the knowledge that you need at the current time to achieve goals.

2. Bank deposits
Bank deposits are the most conservative instrument, it is the most stable and guaranteed, in addition, deposits of up to 700 thousand rubles. insured by the state (we are talking about Russia).

Bank deposits train the habit of regularly saving money, which is so useful for a novice investor. In addition, it is psychologically easier to start investing here, as the investor knows in advance all the conditions and what kind of profit he will receive as a result, without being afraid of losing anything.

Bank deposits are good for forming the so-called financial pillow, despite the very low interest and inflation.

3. Investments in mutual funds
Investments in mutual funds – mutual investment funds, until recently, remained the easiest way to accumulate capital and accessible to many. And now they remain very attractive to investors.

There are both conservative and moderate and aggressive investment options. Investments in mutual funds are designed for the long term, and their profitability is highly dependent on the current economic situation.

Pros: the activities of funds are regulated by law and are very tightly controlled by the state. Even in the event of a bankruptcy of the fund, the units acquired by you remain in your ownership, and you can transfer them to another fund for management.

Cons: the extreme inconvenience of acquiring shares outside cities with a population of over one million people, long-term deposit and withdrawal of funds, and dependence on the economy.

4. Investing in gold
Investing in gold is perhaps one of the most reliable long-term investment instruments. If you look at the graph, gold rises in price in an unstable economic situation and falls in stable. Over the past 10 years, the price of gold has grown 6.8 times!

Gold reserves are limited, this increases its value. According to some analysts, gold may become a good alternative to paper money in the future.

Pros: gold never depreciates and is good for long-term investment

Cons: usually not profitable with small funds, taxation, low prevalence

10 options where to invest money. 10 options to invest in

5. Investments in PAMM accounts in the FOREX market
The most innovative, highly profitable and progressive investment tool in the financial market. PAMM accounts have appeared relatively recently. This is a form of trust management in which the investor gives his money to the managers – traders in the Forex market.

Here you can choose a management style – conservative, moderate or aggressive, as well as potential profitability. With proper portfolio investment and compliance with certain rules, it shows a very good return.

Pros: quick start, accessibility for the vast majority of people, low entry – from 100 rubles, full control over the current situation, the ability to put a limit on losses, the ability to close an account at any time, change / add managers, quick deposit / withdrawal of funds

Cons: the need to periodically monitor and adjust the portfolio, i.e. This type of investment is more for active investors.

6. Investing in Investment Companies
Investing in investment companies is, in essence, trust management. Investment companies can work with borrowed funds in different markets – Forex, mixed investments, venture capital investments, etc.

With this type of investment, careful preliminary selection of companies is important, as on the Internet there are a lot of, so to say, scam, fakes. And not to get hooked by an unscrupulous company is the task of a competent investor.

Pros: quick start, accessibility for the vast majority of people, low entry – from 1000 rubles., Regulated predictable income (usually)

Cons: there is no way to verify what the company is actually doing, due to the closeness of data from customers, in connection with which there is a possibility of “getting” into imaginary activity; not always convenient deposit / withdrawal of funds.

7. Real estate investment
If you have a large amount of money, then probably the first thing that comes to mind is to buy real estate, rent it out and get stable passive income. And if you take into account that real estate, as a rule, rises in price from year to year, after some time you can profitably sell your property. Thus, income can be obtained:
from renting out real estate and from reselling real estate.

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